Thing 11: Finding presentations and podcasts

“The information is everywhere”
Photo by Giorgio Encinas on Unsplash

The internet is swollen with interesting content, including broadcasts, lectures, slideshows and demonstrations. Materials are becoming easier to obtain on almost any subject. Knowing what’s out there and how to get it can supplement your research, and especially teaching.

Podcasts are audio – or increasingly video – files broadcast online (for example, recordings of radio programmes, lectures, readings, drama, interviews or music). You can listen to or view a podcast online, but they can also be downloaded, and you can usually subscribe to a series of podcasts via RSS, so that it automatically downloads to your computer or mobile device (iTunes makes this easy).

Podcasts aren’t the only way to put presentations online, however; sites such as Slideshare allow users to post presentations of all sorts. YouTube can also be a treasure-trove of quality information.

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