Schedule of Things

New Things will be released each week, with the exception of a few break weeks, when we give you some time to recover.

“Mondays we play office trust exercises. You’ll love it.”
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Schedule 2019


Week 1: Getting Started (21st January)

  1. Read about the 23 Things programme. Set up a blog. Write a blog post
  2. Register your blog with the RDP
  3. Explore other blogs and get to know some of the other participants


Week 2: Putting yourself online (28th January)

  1. Presenting yourself – personal ‘brand’ and social media
  2. Professional networks – LinkedIn


Week 3: Your professional online presence (4th February)

  1., Google Scholar and ResearchGate


Week 4: Break week (11th February)

Phew! A chance to catch up and reflect


Week 5: Citing and copyright (18th February)

  1. Reference management tools
  2. Creative Commons and other copyright need to know issues


Week 6: Finding information (25th February)

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Exploring images online
  3. Finding presentations and podcasts


Week 7: Creating and sharing information (4th March)

  1. Making and sharing media
  2. Making information beautiful
  3. Sharing research online


Week 8: Break week (11th March)

Give you a chance to catch up


Week 9: Getting cited (18th March)

  1. Open Access and Surrey Research Insight
  2. Research impact and Altmetrics


Week 10: Collaborating (25th March)

  1. Crowdsourcing
  2. Webinars, Whatsapp and video conferencing
  3. Online scheduling and polling
  4. File sharing and online storage


Week 11: Break week 


Week 12: Getting ready for your future (8th April)

  1. *Research and EURAXESS
  2. Your website(s)


Week 13: Reflection (15th April)

  1. What have you learnt and where do you want to go from here?



“This is no way symbolic of my research experience!”
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