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Thanks for checking in on our 23Things web page.  The course for 2019 has now finished, but you’re welcome to browse all the ‘Things’ in the blog below, or visit our contributor’s blogs.

The next version of 23Things will be launching in March 2020, with exciting new collaborations and content. We’re delighted to announce a collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington and University of Otago, New Zealand.  Taking the 23Things concept international, participants will again be introduced to exciting and invaluable tools, but now with added interaction and resources. If you’d like to build global connections and networks, make sure you sign up!

23 Things International (2020) is open to all doctoral researchers and staff of the University of Surrey, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Otago. We also welcome doctoral researchers from the current cohorts of Techne, SeNSS and SEPnet studentships.

To register or for any questions, please email RDP@surrey.ac.uk.

The course will begin 2nd March 2020, with the website available soon:  23things2020.wordpress.com


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Thing 22: Your Website(s)


“I’m pretty sure my iPhone can turn this into a website for me.”
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

By now you should have realised that all these tools and resources can help you to develop and progress. You should be well into the habit of writing and you should be part of a thriving community of researchers, both within your institution and outside. You will have a considerable online presence.

In order to make all of this really work for you, you need to be able to tie it all back to a single website that tells the world who you are, what you do and what you can do.

This is your number one professional tool in the digital age. After thinking about your professional brand very early on, you should have set a nice tone for your online presence. Your website is the place where you really define the professional you.

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Thing 19: Online scheduling and polling

In the last Thing we looked at tools for collaborating with others online. It’s a lot easier to get everyone together online than in the real world, but it can still take a lot of organising. But fear not! There are tools for this too. Here we will look at some easy tools for running scheduling polls and other simple surveys.

One of the most popular scheduling tools is Doodle. Doodle is free, easy to use and doesn’t require any registration (although it offers added features to registered users). For this Thing, please explore Doodle and, if you can, give it a try for scheduling something.

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Thing 15: Open Access and Surrey Research Insight


“Delicious Access…”

In the last few Things, we looked at alternative ways of sharing your research. In order to give your research proper academic credibility, it is important to provide readers with links to peer-reviewed, published articles. However, this presents the reader with a problem: Access.

(If your research is not yet published, there is also the problem of copyright, which we talked about in Thing 8.)

Traditionally, research is written up into articles, which are submitted to a publisher, peer reviewed, and then published in an academic journal (if you want to know more about this process come to our publishing workshops). Institutions must pay both to submit the article, and to buy the access to the article (called a journal subscription).

This limits the availability of academic papers to subscribing institutions, journal members, and one-off fee-payers.

Open Access is about making research papers freely available to anyone who is interested.

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Break Week


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash


We hope you’re enjoying the many Things of the first few weeks. Break Week is a chance to catch up if you’ve not had time to look at everything so far, and perhaps write some reflections on how it’s going. It’s also a good chance to read other people’s blogs and see how they are doing.

Alternatively and additionally, give yourself a good pat on the back for getting this far, and try some of the more frivolous benefits of the things we’ve looked at.

Why not start a Twitter-war with Piers Morgan, or try these unexpected uses?

Whatever helps make your week a good one, we wish you success. See you for the next Thing next Week!







23 Things 2019

Welcome to 23 Things for Research 2019.

We will be launching the first few Things on Monday, 21st January.

Join us for tips and challenges to get up to speed with some common online tools – what’s out there to increase your profile, jazz up your teachings, and streamline your research?

In the meantime, please see our ‘About‘ page for details of the programme.

Looking forward to seeing you then!



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