Thing 14: Sharing research online

“That’s lovely, Keith, but do you have a PowerPoint version?”
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Videos and podcasts are a growing part of sharing information, and sharing research through presentations. In Thing 12 we introduced some of the tools for making and sharing media. Now we’re going to look at applying those tools to research. We’ll explore some new tools for creating presentations, and you can experiment with sites such as Slideshare that let you share your research and presentations online.

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Thing 13: Making information beautiful

A picture is worth a thousand words. Standard film runs through 24 frames per second. On this basis, turning your thesis into a film should allow you to communicate it approximately 15 times in a minute.

Efficiency aside, make data approachable through visualisation techniques is increasingly important – and getting easier all the time. There are now many tools to help you turn your information into maps, animations or charts, making it much easier to grab the attention of your audience, explain complicated ideas, and demonstrate the impact of your research.


‘It’s basically a knitting pattern’
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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Thing 12: Making and sharing media

cello“This is how I start all my lectures”
Photo by Arūnas Naujokas on Unsplash


You will not need to make or upload a podcast or video to complete this thing, but this post should give you some idea of the tools available. Please take some time to explore these tools and think about how they might be useful to you. If you’re feeling brave, we do encourage you to try them out – even if it’s only for a brief screen capture or a video to introduce yourself. Increasingly, universities and other employers are asking for short videos by applicants, especially for teaching roles, so it’s good to have had some practice.

For inspiration see these examples from past 23 Things participants seeking neverneverland and Iloveclassicalukelele.

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