Thing 23: What have you learned? Where do you want to go from here?

You’ve made it; this is the final Thing!


We had to use it eventually…
Photo: Hannaford.  (CC)

Thank you all for following the programme, and congratulations for sticking with it to Thing 23. I’m sure you’ve found it tough to keep going at times, especially if you’re new to blogging and are trying to fit 174 other things into your week.

I believe you have been promised a certificate and a party. Quite right. We’ll be in touch shortly to let you know about the party; glorious certificates will be awarded there.

We’ll be in touch shortly to ask you for some feedback on what worked for you and what we can improve for next time. Meanwhile, do leave your immediate comments here – are you jubilant, relieved, excited, hungry?

Yet Another Blog Post

  1. For this last Thing, we would like you to reflect on the programme in general and on what you want to do next. What did you enjoy? What do you think you will use in future? What would you like to explore further? What will you do differently from now on? Was this programme what you expected?
  2. We’ve just got time to fit in one more mini-Thing. The Researcher Development Framework is designed to help researchers assess how their work and learning and training contribute to their career-building. It can be useful for reflecting on the skills you’ve developed here and elsewhere, and how you can use them to bolster your academic profile. It might also point you towards further areas in which you can strengthen.
  3. Do keep on bloggin’ and let us know how you get on. We’re excited to see where you go next!



Have a wonderful 2019!
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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Providing personal and professional development opportunities to researchers at the University of Surrey.

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